What to Do If You Are Pulled Over for DUI

Being pulled over by a police officer can be daunting, and, at that moment, you may not know what to do. Most people may have fallacies about the correct actions after being pulled over for DUI. If you don’t want to make the problem worse, you should reach out to a DUI lawyer in Orlando. Understanding the right steps to follow and how to behave will help you avoid causing more problems. Also, the lawyer will help you when it comes to protecting your rights.

In the meantime, here are five steps that you should follow if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI. 

Step 1: Pull Over

Using the turn signal, stop by the side of the road in a secure area. Ensure the vehicle is still, put your hands upon the steering wheel, and wait for the police officer to get to you. It would be best if you did everything calmly and swiftly. 

Step 2: Be Well-mannered

When speaking to the police officer, you need to remain calm and be polite. You don’t want to give a first impression of being rude, drunk, aggressive, or unreasonable. 

Step 3: Don’t Admit That You Were Drinking

If you’re pulled over for DUI, you must give the police officer your name, driver’s license, car registration, and insurance details. Still, you don’t have to answer questions they will ask you. For instance, how many beers have you drunk tonight? It would be best if you did not answer this question. As a matter of fact, you should remain quiet and don’t say anything. You need to remember that any conversation with the police officer will be recorded, so if you admit that you were drinking, it will be used against you before a judge. 

Step 4: Remain Quiet

If you have been arrested, don’t give out statements to the police officer without your lawyer present. It would be best to get in touch with an attorney who can represent you and protect your rights. Even if you follow these steps, you might not entirely be out of trouble. You could still get arrested for DUI. But these steps can help you from getting harsh penalties. 

Step 5: Don’t Take Chemical Tests (breath, urine, or blood)

If you are pulled over for DUI, you can calmly decline to take a blood, breath, or urine test if you are drunk. Why? There are several reasons why you should politely decline to take the test. Breathalyzers are well-known to produce unreliable results continuously due to various reasons. The police officer will arrest you for DUI irrespective if you’ve taken the test. If you decline to take the test, you will be penalized. So, you don’t have a choice but to take the chemical test. 

It is crucial to note that if you take the urine, breath, or blood test, and the results show that you’ve passed the legal limit, that won’t mean you are guilty of DUI. Several defenses can be used. If you are seeking legal representation, visit http://leppardlaw.com/ for a free consultation. 

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